Smart Home Solutions

Lighting and Motorized Shades

The way your home and spaces are lit can have a major impact on your mood and life. That’s why AV Outfitters offers products, design and expertise in all things lighting and designer shades. You’ll brighten every day and illuminate each night with our convenient solutions, all controlled with a touch from anywhere you are. On, off or dim to set the mood – even remotely. Lights, shades and blinds can automatically respond to time of day or night. Even add new natural lighting to match your natural body clock for enhanced productivity and sleep.
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Easy Entertainment

Enjoy your favorite entertainment everywhere – with a simple touch or voice command. We offer Control 4 solutions so you can enjoy the big game on the big screen, or a favorite playlist in the bathroom with one comment or button press. Everything in your home is more easily accessible and fun. A single keypad, remote, mobile device or voice comment starts the entertainment that’s most important to you in the moment. We can personalize functions for you, such as an evening “scene” that dims lights and starts your favorite music all at once.
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Comfortable Climate

Get fast, easy control over temperature and comfort in every room of the house, while at home or away. Imagine selecting an icon or stating a voice command to bring up air conditioning from your chair, without going to the A/C keypad. Or, how about adjusting temperature to cool down and drop shades while you’re away on vacation, as you remember it’s going to warm up today. We can do all this and more. You’ll even save major energy with automated, seasonal adjustments according to your chosen schedule.
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Robust Security

There is nothing quite like peace of mind for you and your family. Today’s security systems are so much more than basic arming and disarming from a wall keypad. We offer the most innovative, connected security control systems available. For example, using your mobile device, you can see who’s at the door from anywhere, control entry access, get alerts and keep an eye on the kids by the pool. Our professionally designed and installed smart security systems can also be integrated with lights for a whole new level of security and relaxation.
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Convenience and Peace of Mind. Made Easy By Voice or Touch Control.

Smart control is a smart idea. Our team listens to how you live, then designs and delivers the smart home features you envision. This means the technology and systems most important to you are always simple and accessible so that your home – and life are more convenient, safe and entertaining.

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