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Why Wellness Lighting

There are several exciting technologies now available that provide enhanced wellbeing for you and your family We spend 90% of our time indoors. Harsh, unnatural lights can impact how we feel throughout the day and our overall wellness. More than a bulb, lighting fixtures can be warm, cool, colored and more. We’re proud providers of next-generation lighting that adjusts automatically throughout the day, bringing you cool lights during the day for better productivity, and warmer lights in the evening for better sleep and peacefulness. These can be added to most any AV Outfitters home system.

Experience the Benefits of Natural Lights

With our lighting experts are AV Outfitters, now you can experience all the many benefits of natural lighting from our partners at Ketra by Lutron. This lighting is as beautiful as it is amazing Natural light has been shown to improve our energy, mood and sleep by working in concert with the body’s own natural rhythms. You can enjoy bright light by day for productivity, and warmer light and tones by night to promote relaxation. Plus, your lighting can subtly change throughout the day to deliver a more beautiful home aesthetic with the benefits nature had in mind.

Clean Water and Air

In addition to natural lighting, enhance your families life and wellbeing with essential clean water and air. Premium water filtration delivers great tasting water that's better to drink, while purified air reduces everyday contaminants and brings respiratory wellness. A healthy home is automatic, so you won't even lift a finger to gain all the big benefits.

Easily Adjusted from Anywhere

Natural lighting and control options are up to you and how you live your life. At AV Outfitters, we offer many design-friendly solutions, which means that you can access and adjust your lights from your smart devices, or an elegant, on-wall keypad that matches your home. Diligently designed lighting and controls let you marry all your wellness lighting, shades, entertainment and more to make daily tasks – and life – better. We personalize every system to blend in beautifully with your spaces, while ensuring technology performs reliably and easily for you.
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Healthier Home, Healthier You.

Ready to improve your wellbeing, energy and sleep? Our Ketra Natural Lighting by Lutron cues your body rhythms indoors automatically throughout the day. With more time at home, you’ll reduce harsh light that impacts your health automatically – or with a touch.

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