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Elevate Your Spaces
with Lighting and Shades

Home lighting and motorized shades have become very popular, as they elevate any space, can save energy and, with smart controls, can provide newfound comfort and convenience. The way your home is lit can also have a major impact on your architecture, artwork and decor. We offer the complete package of products, design and installation, or any part thereof. You’ll brighten each day and illuminate each night. Lighting and shades can also work in concert to provide just the right lighting for any activity. They can automatically adjust throughout the day, or anytime with a button press.

Only the Best Brands for Your Home

At AV Outfitters, we are proud to partner with Lutron, the worldwide leader in premium lighting and shading technology. We are a top Lutron Dealer in the region, so you’ll have access to all the current designer options in lighting, shade fabrics, systems and more. For example, Lutron Palladiom wire-free shades combine elegant style with a patent-pending battery technology that provides 3-5 years between replacement and auto-alerts when batteries are low. The award-winning Alisse Keypads are stunning and state-of-the-art, and we can match them to any décor.

Natural Lighting to Improve Health

With the latest in natural lighting, your home can also accentuate and complement your natural body rhythms, boosting mood, productivity and sleep. This new lighting changes throughout the day, mimicking the sun, which helps keep the body regulated, and replaces traditional, often unnatural lighting. This is similar to the settings on your mobile phone, that often have cool, blue light for daytime, and warm, soft lighting for relaxation. Ask us at AV Outfitters, we would love to share our many new options to bring your light up a notch.
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Move Smoothly from Day to Night

Seamless Transitions from Day to Night. With our smart home system design and Lutron lighting and shades, you have complete control over lighting levels throughout your entire home, all from your smart devices or personalized keypads and touchscreens. Smart home automation brings the convenience of scheduling lighting and shade adjustments for specific times of day, evening, or even different seasons. With a single touch, you can lower all the shades in your home and create the perfect dimmed ambiance for the night. Even when you're away on vacation, you can make adjustments from anywhere to make it seem like you're home. These are just a few of the exceptional smart experiences we can deliver.
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Lighting and Shade Systems to Suit Your Home and Life.

With AV Outfitters expertise and technology, you can customize your environment by adjusting and enjoying just the right amount of light in any room at any time. AV Outfitters systems can help you save time, energy and money, while also providing a most beautiful and comfortable home environment.

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