Video Performance That Changes Everything

Enjoy fully immersive experiences and unrivalled video picture quality in any – or every room of the house. AV Outfitters has access to every type and size of video display and TV, even a staggering 100-inches. We’ve vetted them all to ensure our solutions offer the best performance and exactly what you need, be it a TV or projector. In addition to ultra-realistic 4K and 8K TV displays from Samsung, LG and Sony, we also offer premium supporting video products including components that ensure integrity of video signals, movie servers and beyond. Our mission is to astound clients with every video system we deliver.

Components to Ensure World-Class Entertainment

Today movies, shows and series are available in many ways, from streaming to servers that provide ultra-realistic pictures. And the right video processors and cabling are necessary to optimize the experience. As one example, we love Kaleidescape, the ultimate movie server platform. Winner of countless awards, Kaleidescape is the only digital provider of movies with true, lossless audio and full reference video quality! With a video bitrate 10x higher than typical streamers, this platform elevates video processors and projectors to produce the most lifelike clarity. AV Outfitters has it and can design a system where you’ll see the difference day one.

Take Your Video to a Whole New Level

For media and game rooms to that special room where you escape from it all, we can install huge video screens or video walls that truly bring life-sized action right into your home. Or, how about having multiple TVs in a room for watching multiple things simultaneously and playing games? With our advanced systems, you’ll stream and access your favorite shows on the biggest, best screens available. Plus, all components are hidden away, so all your guests see is that magical movie or big game!

High-performance Video That Elevates Every Entertainment Experience.

Breathtaking video throughout every room will take your home to a whole new level. Even take it outside on all-weather displays made to withstand the elements. The big game on the big screen is what we do and part of our rich history. This focus remains in our core today, as we deliver world-class video experiences designed to astonish you and your guests.

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