Media Rooms

The Magic of Media Rooms

Media rooms are places full of fun and relaxation. They’re all about gathering to watch the big game on the biggest screen, enjoy life-sized video games or other visual activities, listen to music and more. These are typically a carefully designed entertainment space, where we listen to what activities are important to you, and then outfit your space with the right sized screen, speakers, sound bars and other components that make the magic happen. You’ll party, relax and enjoy in entirely new ways with a media room made for your family by AV Outfitters.

A Big Screen Experience Like You’ve Never Seen

AV Outfitters can bring you a big screen experience unlike any you have ever seen before for your media room. With TVs that span from small up to 100 full inches in size, and every technology such as OLED, QLED, 4K, 8K and more, there is truly something for everyone and every room that will take your breath away. Our solutions will bring stunning, high-resolution video to life with extraordinary clarity and realism. It’s easy to get started with one of our video experts when you are ready.

Speakers, Subs and Soundbars
that Shake You to the Core

Not only listen – but feel thunder or race cars driving in a movie. Discover every nuance of your favorite music, like the artist taking a deep breath during their live concert. With studio-grade, hi-fidelity products and perfect placement and calibration, you’ll set the ideal tone for entertaining or kicking back on your own. We offer some of the very best on the planet including Bowers & Wilkens, Sonance, James Loudspeaker, Focal and many more. Our designs consider your wishes and room size to select the best option for your space.
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Want to take your Media Room a Step Further?

If you’re interested in a devoted space for activities, favorite movies, music and more, we also offer full Home Theater design and installation. AV Outfitters Home Cinemas are known throughout the region for delivering the most immersive, best entertainment rooms you’ll find anywhere. You’ll view ultra-realistic, massive screens that take your breath away. Stunning floor standing speakers and subwoofers that make every movie and show better than you thought possible. And one personalized remote that lets you dim the lights, drop the screen and start the show – with one touch on a remote or app.
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Media Rooms Made to Entertain, Engage and Fully Enjoy.

With AV Outfitters, you will create that new, magical space where all your audio, video, sports, video games and more, all come together flawlessly. Our expert team listens to how you live, then designs and delivers the full set of features that you want. We are also glad to work with your builder or designer to ensure proper design from start to finish.

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