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Enjoy All the Magic of Your Own Home Theater

Lights dim, a massive screen drops, and the movie starts, all seemingly like magic. Life-sized characters fill the screen, while the suspenseful music starts with heart-pounding bass and sound. This is what it’s like in your own, dedicated cinema-grade Home Theater. High performance components, sound proofing, simple controls and take-your-breath away A/V experiences. Let AV Outfitters design and install the ultimate cinematic system where you can escape the world and be amazed by all the sights, sounds and shows. Our world-class solutions are better than a local theater, and you never have to leave home.

It Starts with Stylish, Superior Soundproofing

A Home Theater is an awesome place to share sports and movies with friends and family in ways they never imagined. The foundation for every Home Cinema is preserving clear, complete audio quality. With our expertly designed and installed wall and ceiling acoustic panels, your entire experience is elevated. Our Vicoustic absorbers and diffusers make the difference, and can create a more unique, beautiful décor, including simulated stone, wood and other designer looks.

First-Class Video Components

Today movies, apps and videos are available in an instant from streaming to quality movie servers. AV Outfitters offers all the components, cabling and accessories that make your Home Theater one of a kind. As an example, we offer the ultimate movie server from Kaleidescape. Winner of countless awards, they are the only digital provider of movies with true, lossless audio and full reference video quality! With a video bitrate 10x higher than typical streamers, this platform elevates video processors, projectors and screens to produce the most lifelike clarity.

Furniture to Enhance the Theatrical Experience

To create that complete experience, we also offer everything beyond the high-performance A/V equipment, including theater seating with comfort, cup holders and chargers, as well as media racks and cabinets made with the proper shelving and ventilation to protect your investment. AV Outfitters has access to all the best in entertainment furniture such as BDI, Salamander Designs and even DBox Seats which go beyond sight and sound to literally shake you to the core. These incredible customized seats make motion that is perfectly synchronized with the action onscreen, so you not only see it, you feel it!

Instantly Find and Choose What You Want

To relax and enjoy your cinematic experience or music, you no longer have to fumble around for a variety of remotes in the dark, or manually turn things on. Our Home Theater control systems bring you one touch to settings, such as a button that dims the lights just right and starts the series. We can personalize the device you like best with your own naming conventions or graphical icons such as “All On” that creates a series of tasks with a press. With one single solution, you’ll adjust your entire setup instantly, so you can make the most of the music or magical moment.
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Enjoy a True Cinematic Experience At Home – Whenever You Wish.

AV Outfitters can personalize, design and deliver one of the most immersive, best entertainment venues you’ll find anywhere. Our dedicated rooms offer everything necessary from soundproofing to stunning audio and video components, projectors, screens, furniture and all the control and accessories. You’ll take advantage of all that entertainment has to offer – and never leave home.

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