Designed to Disappear

At AV Outfitters, we have access to all the latest in audio technologies, such as fully invisible speakers by Sonance. These are “Designed to Disappear” completely behind walls, and offer new, breakthrough innovations in speaker design, installation and audio quality.

Unrivaled Audio Performance - Everywhere

Turn ordinary rooms into entertaining, exciting spaces where music sounds just as the artist intended. Imagine pressing a button and having your favorite song start in one – or every room. Studio-grade, hi-fidelity music at home, where every single nuance is heard and felt, where rich details like fingers strumming on a guitar set the stage for your evening gathering or holiday party. This is the magic of today’s custom audio systems, and this is where it all began at AV Outfitters. You’ll enjoy unrivaled sound in every space, and all at your command.

The Expertise and Products it Takes

Delivering the right audio option and performance level for your home is much more than products. Yes, we have it all including the finest in-ceiling, in-wall, shelf and floor standing speakers and subwoofers that bring heart-thumping bass. We even have invisible speakers that hide behind walls, yet still bring the most breathtaking musical experience that emanates from all around you. But choosing the right product, cabling, placement and calibration requires years of knowledge. And we have that too. Let us bring to your every audio experience to a whole new level.

Instant, Easy Access – From Anywhere

Turn on your favorite artist, song or playlist – from anywhere you are. Whether you’re relaxing in the living room, working in the yard, or wanting the full-on rocking party scene throughout your home and outdoors, it’s in your control thanks to a Control 4 system. A single, elegant keypad, remote or mobile device lets you see all your music visually and choose what you want to make the moment. We can personalize functions for you, such as a “chill scene” that dims lights and starts your favorite artist playing at a preset level in the den through incredible-sounding speakers.

Media Rooms to Dedicated Home Theaters

If you’re interested in incredible music for your living room, media room, on the deck, or even in your own private home theater, AV Outfitters can outfit you best. Our Home Theaters are known throughout the region for delivering the most immersive, best entertainment rooms you’ll find anywhere. Ultra-realistic, massive screens to take your breath away. Stunning floor standing speakers and subwoofers that make every movie or show better than you thought possible. And a personalized remote that enables you to dim lights and start the show. And that’s just for starters.
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Hi-Fidelity, Premium Audio Performance. Made Just for You.

Incredible audio and music throughout the house will elevate your environment and make your home more entertaining. Our team listens to how you live, then designs and delivers the audio and control features that are perfect for you. We’ll bring your favorite music to every space – when and where you want it.

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