Turnkey Electrical Services

Electrical is vital to the performance of any home project. Some homes require updating the electrical to properly support current technologies to ensure proper operation. At AV Outfitters, that’s why we have our own licensed residential Electricians on staff. We are the only one-stop shop in town for all things low-voltage, line-voltage and security systems related. Whether you need a few tweaks in one room, or to fully rewire your home, we can do it. This can save significant time, money and hassle, as our team can come in and do it all for your property from start to finish. With our resources, you’ll gain accurate electrical work and keep your project on schedule.

Certified Professionals

AV Oufitters has been in business serving our clients since 2005. We understand that electrical requirements and providing the turnkey electrical work is key to ensuring the integrity of your overall home technology system. Our certified residential Electricians are professionally trained and highly qualified to perform your electrical work from prewiring through to installation completion. We can advise, update and be available for all electrical systems consultation and support long after our Installers have completed your project.

Supporting the Latest and Greatest

Our team keeps up with all the latest technology and training that the electrical world and our industry have to offer, so you can count on prewire and implementation to always be current and robust. This means your systems, both today and tomorrow, will function optimally. Count on our experts for premium wiring, cabling, outlets, and all aspects that build the foundation for your smart home and entertainment systems. With AV Outfitters, you’re always assured that as technology changes, so do we.
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One-stop-shop Experts for Your Electrical and Prewire Services.

Turnkey systems from the wiring, outlets and cables – up to the design and implementation of all your home’s technology is what we do, saving you time, money and scheduling. From one room up to your full property, talk to our team about your Electrical needs.
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